Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Grudge Thrower

Being the cheap guy I am I sat down for a day and built a grudge thrower for my Dwarven Throng. This is my first ever scratch build model and I'm quite happy with it.
I used some of the straight edges from the Warhammer sprues I always save. I also used some handy clay I always have around and a little cardboard and some super glue and I put it together.
I first made a base with a cardboard rectangle and outlining it with four lengths of sprue. Then I used some smaller prue to make a half square to fit over the base to create the stopping frame. I took some clay and made a "ammunition launcher" to attach to yet another sprue. Once everything dried I put it all together. I placed a cut off toochpick to hold the rope and the mechanism and I have it. After making some crew of some spare warrior and cannon crew I have if modelled. In the next couple days I will hopefully get around to painting it.

Tonight I am going to finish painting a Union Regiment having only the gun barrels and skin tones to do. Basing it later tonight or tomorrow, I should have pictures of it up by no later than tomorrow night.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Making Movement Trays

Because my friends have been asking me to post a little write up on how to build movement trays for little money, because we all know Games Workshop has enough of our money as it is, so here it goes.

There are just a few things you need to create good looking movement trays, one is just plain carboard. You could also use plastic, balsa wood or any other strong material, but this is about making them on a budget. The other stuff you need is some sort of glue, I use Elmers because it is cheap and in large supply. Then you need black and brown paint, you should have lying around and then some clay you can get at walmart, six bucks for a huge tub. And finally, the most expensive item is the flock you want to put on the bases.

You start with the cardboard. Make sure it is good quality, not wet, bent, cut or otherwise because it could fall apart with weight of the miniatures. Place the desired number of models you want on the card board and leave half a centimeter on each side and a choice on the length at the end. Cut it out with a hobby knife or some scissors. Then you cut three lengths of cardboard the length of the base and about 1/3 of a centimeter wide.

When that is done, take your handy elmers glue and glue the three strips down on three edges of the base leaving one side empty.

At this point you should step back for around 20 minutes to let the glue dry. Once it is you take the cheap clay and you place it on the outside edges of the tray filling in the gaps of the cardboard and creating some ground texture. You can also add it to the top of the edges if you want.
Next, now that the clay is dry, which should take around one hour depending on the brand of clay you use, take a ibg brush and douse the whole thing in black, sides tops, corners and everything else(you can skip out on the bottom). Let that dry then put a coat or two of brown paint, enough to see there is brown, but so you can still see the black underneath.

When that is once again dry, place drops of glue in strategic locations, or where you want flock and spread it to look natural. Quickly before the glue dries, dip the tray into your box O flock or sprinkle it over or however you flock something.

And that is my guide, it's probably no good but it's what I do. I made my movement trays in groups of four. This way when you are done with the last tray in one step, the first tray is ready for the next step.