Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Grudge Thrower

Being the cheap guy I am I sat down for a day and built a grudge thrower for my Dwarven Throng. This is my first ever scratch build model and I'm quite happy with it.
I used some of the straight edges from the Warhammer sprues I always save. I also used some handy clay I always have around and a little cardboard and some super glue and I put it together.
I first made a base with a cardboard rectangle and outlining it with four lengths of sprue. Then I used some smaller prue to make a half square to fit over the base to create the stopping frame. I took some clay and made a "ammunition launcher" to attach to yet another sprue. Once everything dried I put it all together. I placed a cut off toochpick to hold the rope and the mechanism and I have it. After making some crew of some spare warrior and cannon crew I have if modelled. In the next couple days I will hopefully get around to painting it.

Tonight I am going to finish painting a Union Regiment having only the gun barrels and skin tones to do. Basing it later tonight or tomorrow, I should have pictures of it up by no later than tomorrow night.

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