Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It has been a long time since I have posted, sorry about that, school, soccer and work have really taken a toll on me, I havn't really been painting much either. But I have put the soldiers back on the board and took quite a few photos.

Here is one of the only two Federal Regiments that are fully painted and based. This particular one is 15th Indiana from General George Wagner's Brigade at Chickamauga.

Below is a side view of the same regiment. I went with the classic sky blue pants and Union Blue sack coats. The Flag is unproportional and I need to print off another copy.

Here is the other fully painted and based unit, the 57th Indiana. I once again need to print off another flag for this unit.

I am currently in the process of painting the last regiment of the Brigade, the 40th Indiana. If all goes well I should have them done by next monday. Then I can get started on the Brigade commander to put this unit in the field. I can't wiat for the day where all my units are fully painted and fighting it out on the field of battle.