Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Howdy folks, I am just now getting into the American Civil War gaming. I have been planning to for awhile now, but I have not had the money or the time to start my armies. But then came along my friend who convinced me to try Warhammer Fantasy (not that 40k crap)(ok,ok no offence). I have been hooked on those little dwarves ever since. A book I am reading now has sparked my interest in Civil War gaming again. I have been painting at any given time my IMEX miniatures and painting them. Yes, I do use plastic, its cheap and for a teenager that is a big plus.

I have been reading many wargaming blogs for the past year or so. And I said to myself, hey why not start a new blog with a new gaming type. So here I am. I hope people will enjoy my blog jsut as I have enjoyed all the blogs out there. I will be showing off units I have painted along with anything I think would be cool to share. I will also be giving battle reports and random stuff I like. Hopefully around the middle of the year I will be starting Napoleonics (go British). I will also be showing my Warhammer Dwarves and Orcs & Goblins. So if you want a fun blog to read, love wargaming or the War of Nothern Aggression(the Civil War for you yanks) or are just bored and want to make fun of a major geek (not nerd) come and read my blog.

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