Friday, March 13, 2009

Hello again, I finally got to use the good camera to take some pictures of the troops I have painted up. Up above you can see the four Kentucky regiments in the Orphan brigade. The 41st Alabama was also in the Kentucky Brigade but I havent got them done yet. So here they are. I'm not one of the best painters in the world, probably really down on the list, but I dont really care, this is the first time I have painted in awhile.

Here is the great leader of the Orphan Brigade (at Chickamauga) Brig. General Ben Helms. He was known as a fighter and I wanted the Orphan Brigade to be an aggresive unit on the table so I picked the pose pointing the sword. He is ready to get in the thick of the action.

This particular unit is the 4th Kentucky Infantry regiment, in the Brigade of 5 regiments I wanted three of them firing and two (the two biggest) charging with bayonets fixed. I picked the 4th to be one of the charging regiments. The flag is the Western Battle flag used in 64', I might get called on for using the flag early but I thought it looked good in a running regiment.

Ahh, the regiment I get my nick name and probably my favorite regiment in the Army of Tennessee. this is one of the bigger regiments in the Brigade and the first ACW unit I painted, I gave them the Orphan Brigade's cross flag. I think it seems good floating in the hail of minie balls.

My favorite regiment I have painted so far. There is one big reason for this. And that would be the standard bearer. You might not tell but the standard bearer is wounded in the arm. In the original pose he was a surrendering wounded man holding his rifle up. I didnt think this would fit in the division, and has anyone ever heard of a man surrendering in the middle of his fighting unit. I never have. So I chopped off the rifle and stuck a pin in his hand to make a hole to wear the flag pole (old wire) would fit in to make a wounded man that still had the fighting spirit. The flag of this unit is also of interest. It is a reproduction of the actual flag the 9th Kentucky carried. You can't see it in the photo but in the white circle it says, "We used to be the 5th". At some point in the war the 5th Kentucky regiment had to switch its number to the 9th because the 5th was already taken, but they sewn this sentence onto their flag to say they used to be the 5th.
And the last of the Kentucky regiments I have painted. This would be the 6th Kentucky. This is the first regiment I have based, which I think it shows. I have to touch up on some things.

And there you have it, the (almost) complete Orphan Brigade. I will hopefully have the 41st Alabama done this weekend. I will post a picture as soon as I can.

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